I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye
Monique, 21. Brazil.
"You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!" contador de visitas
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Tatiana Maslany
Emmy Magazine

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Fresh out of the water, newborn sea lion pups roll in sand to protect themselves from the blazing sun in San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.

these look like kitty litter poops

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Slide to Unlock by Evan Roth

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"You two have managed to accomplish something together no one ever has; you surprised me." - Dean Hardscrabble 

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”In any given episode I play up to… five clones? season one? I think. Yeah, and like three in a day sometimes. Which is a trip” — Tatiana Maslany for Vanity Fair Magazine (x)

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#this is like two parents telling a child SEE MOM AND DAD DON’T HATE EACH OTHER AND WE LOVE YOU;w;

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whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye

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Margaery Tyrell: Season 4 Still

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We experience life through our five senses. But, what if everything you thought, everything you ever knew, was just the surface of what lies beyond? - The Giver (x)

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